Welcome to a world of struggle.

This place, this land of Antyr, is swelled with the lives of creatures of all descriptions. From highlands to shorelines, from damp caverns to wind-blasted deserts, this world pulses and shakes with the battle of life. Strength may be necessary for survival, but it is not always sufficient: intelligence, ruthlessness, and wariness are all found in abundance among the creatures of Antyr. Every wild thing also knows, instinctively or by hard learning, that the best path to survival is willingness to change with the ever-shifting landscape. In a word, life is knowing to accept the inevitable.

A man may be born in a vast grassland plain, but while he passes through the stages of life that place will change radically and unpredictably. By the time he grows his beard it may become a dense, brooding forest. By his 40th year it may be a desert, and by his 60th a swamp. Nothing is certain to stay the same except the peaks of the tallest mountains and the depths of the greatest oceans. Each season new predators will arrive, hunting old game. Each year new plantlife will seed, and others will wither. Snow will fall suddenly on tropical forests and continue unabated for a decade.

Despite this harsh landscape the civilized races have persevered in cultivating their cultures. Some are willing to adapt to the ever-changing wilderness: these are the nomadic peoples, or the handful of highland peoples who cling to the merciless heights of the great mountain ranges to find some stability. Others defy the shifting landscape by use of magical arts, building outposts or villages or even cities where people may prosper and flourish… but only at the whims of the great mages who alone can protect a place from the crush of nature.

You adventurers who journey here, be wary! Life in this world is plentiful but hard, and the greater you struggle the harder it will become. You may use your strength to safeguard the weaker or you may choose to become the deadliest of all who thrive in the Refuge of Antyr. Which will be your path?

The Refuge of Antyr